The best 10 free educational apps (Learn easily and for free using these apps)


 Today we all use our phone almost all the time, and if you could use it positively, you could achieve so much in life.

Not all the time you're ready to open your laptop and learn, but using your mobile phone makes it easy for you to learn.

So today we will be talking about the best 10 free educational apps


Duolingo learn new languages for free best app to learn for free webfreemap

Duolingo makes learning new languages a very easy task.

it could let you learn any language from any language, meaning English from French or Italian from Spanish, literally any language.

Duolingo uses easy and entertaining ways to get you familiar with the language, it focuses on vocab and also grammar, in addition to the voice recognition that makes sure you're pronouncing words right.

Duolingo takes a long-term approach, meaning that you cant spend two hours daily on it, its more preferable to spend 10 minutes only but on a daily basis, and if you did this 365 days in a row, you'll be more than great at this language, that's a promise.
The most important part about learning a new language is knowing the basics, then you could practice by watching movies, reading novels/books or articles, listening to songs in your desirable language, and so on.

I highly recommend that you download Duolingo and start either learning a new language or practicing the one you have already learnt.

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2-Khan Academy]:

Khanacademy learn physics biology algebra geometry learn all subjects for free best app for learning webfreemap

Most people know Khan Academy and its founder "Sal Khan" who is absolutely a hero.

This hero made his mission to educate his country <India> for free, as the circumstances especially back then weren't so good, so he teaches basically everything for free [Economics-Finance-Algebra-Geometry-Biology-Physics-Computer Science-History] and literally EVERYTHING.
They even have content for Entrepreneurs and meetings with the best CEOs around the world.
If you're really into learning, look no further than Khan Academy.

Ultimate facts learn something new everyday webfreemap

Science facts are always entertaining and shocking, it challenges your mind to search and know more, it keeps you curious and willing to learn more.
This app sends you notifications (you choose the quantity per day) which could be read in under one minute, every time you'll learn something new in less than 60 seconds, and in the long term, you'll know so much interesting facts that could even be conversation openers in some cases.

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4-Google Primer]:
Google primer learn everything quickly and shortly webfreemap

Google primer is really one of the greatest ways invented to teach you on new subjects, it gets a big topic divided into small bullet points that are easy to read and be understood.
You'll find topics as [How to lead a successful meeting, How to sell, How to manage a business] and much more.
Google primer will let you learn for free and in ultra quality, and will make things that seemed complex to you be so easy and swallowed.

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Best way to learn programming webfreemap

Do you think that programming is complicated? Do you think that its so hard for you to learn?

You should think again, because after you download Mimo, you'll find that programming is easier than ever, maybe even easier than playing Minecraft.
Although not all of the courses are for free, but its price is still so affordable and worthy, as you could earn a certificate and learn programming languages that will boost your career.
All what it depends on is like Duolingo and Google primer, dividing an enormous topic into small pieces.
If you think programming is beneficial for you (and I'm sure it is) then go ahead download the app and start learning.

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Ted talks are always remarkable, it's a challenge to all great people to get on the stage and make the best speeches ever.
For sure you want to learn from the best people ever, and not only that these people are great and well-educated, but they also spend hours, days even weeks preparing for this 15-minute speech, which means every single word is chosen carefully.

You'll find the most interesting topics and people on this app, which has all the Ted Talks, and you can watch it as a video or hear it as audio, it's completely up to you.

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Even tho Sintelly is relatively new, but it has great content in many many fields, and what I love the most about Sintelly, is that articles aren't too long, neither too short, they're exactly what is needed to learn about a topic, so their articles are relatively short but still comprehensive to a great extent.

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Wikihow how to do anything

Most people know Wikihow, so I'm basically reminding you of it only, but the content they have is not found anywhere else, they have great exclusive content that is made especially for him, and what an impressive free resource they provide, you could basically find tutorials for almost everything, and it's so comprehensive.

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Now ReadEra isn't directly educational, but it ultimately contributes to your learning process, as ReadEra is a great PDF viewer, which makes you access Ebooks in an easy way and has a lot of features:

1-Whenever you stop and get back even after a year, it will get you exactly where you stopped, so you don't lose track of where you are at the book.
2-You could classify books into [Currently reading-Finished-To read.
3-Could almost access all types and formats.
4-You could scroll using the volume buttons up and down through the book, so no need to touch the screen (as you'll probably be laying in bed while reading)

Unfortunately, this app is available only on android, however, you could search for another ebook reader till you find the suitable one for you.

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Wikipedia the free encyclopedia webfreemap

Wikipedia is one of the oldest websites ever, and the first free resource we have probably heard of, but people nowadays don't get the maximum benefit from it, as the content is found all over the internet and available for everyone and also for free, but the thing about Wikipedia is that you'll find the sources of info you're reading about, to back up what you're reading and verify it.
So authentic and the most trustable place online.

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I hope that this was helpful and I wish that you never give up your learning process as we excel every day in life only by learning, and it's the only thing that adds this much to us.

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