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Becoming Warren Buffet: Value Investing (1)

Becoming Warren Buffet: Value Investing (1)


We can't mention Warren Buffet without mentioning this term;"Value Investing"

This term was coined by Ben Graham who was teaching Economics to Warren Buffet during at his college.

Warren learnt that term from him and after that day,life wasn't the same,It's like his vision changed completely.

What normal investors do is;Look at the financial statements of a company,check all the numbers,make some calculations,etc..

So for them the company is all about some numbers,but is this everything?

Because Warren Buffet was extraordinary he always looked further,he looked for the value of the company,it's brand,it's reputation and what people say about this company,because maybe a very small company with some loyal customers is better than a great company that it's customers could replace within days with any new alternative.

What Warren could teach us today is that investing isn't just about numbers,and if it was working that way mathematicians would be great investors,he himself said once that if it needed advanced mathematical skills he would still be selling coca-colas.

He also teaches us to look further than where people look,you gotta always drive the extra mile,make more effort than people do analyzing a company and seeing the value in it,if you aren't willing to walk the extra mile you'll be at the same place with everyone,so always look further,to reach further in life.

Hope this was helpful,and I wish you great success in life.

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