What is digital marketing?
Any online or even offline business needs marketing to get noticed and boost its results,marketing maybe complex for some but we'll tell you the fundamentals in an easy way,and we'll give you the brief.
The goal from this article is surely not to make you a marketing expert but to know the easy fundamentals,which will make it appealing for you to know more and it will remind you that nothing is hard,only needs some researches.

Digital marketing has 5 major branches:

1)Social Media Marketing:
We all know what is Social Media marketing,but it isnt about just creating social media pages,its about creating quality content,engaging with your audience,asking them questions,replying to their direct messages.
Your social media presence is more important than you think,get feedback from clients,create a strong bond with them so that they could shout you out and talk about you to their friends and family,deal with every client as if he's the most important one.

The word SEO stands for search engine optimization,and this is concerned with the search engine.
Like if for example if you're selling mobiles and someone wrote "mobiles online"
the Seo is responsible for getting you on the top of results,how is this done?
The search engine's job is to find the most relevant result and expose it on the top of the list,but it has specific metrics:Your website has to be user-friendly,mobile-friendly,responsive and adaptive,relevant keywords,and it has to have good traffic,and something called backlinks.
Backlinks is basically links to your website provided in other websites,like other websites mentioning yours or linked to it,it has multiple ways to be applied and I highly recommend that you search about it.

SEM stands for search engine monetizaton,same as search engine optimization,and it has the same requirements,but its paid.
Do you know when you search for something on google for example and you find the word "ad"written,that is SEM,this is done not just by paying money,but by bidding.
Like for example if Adidas and Nike have all the requirements written above,and Adidas is willing to pay half a dollar for every click and Nike is willing to pay 75 cents for every click,then Nike will be above adidas in the search engine.

4)Content Marketing:
Content marketing is about creating quality content to expose your business without selling,its either done by writing about yourself in websites that are specialized in articles,like for example if you're selling dog houses,you may write about how to take care of your dog,and you may promote posts like this,you should create posts that people would engage with it.

5)E-mail Marketing:
E-mail marketing is about taking your audience's by making a form on your website where people write their emails to receive the newest from you,but dont sell so much,send stories,articles,tips,and you may sell once a month.

I highly recommend that you take the digital marketing fundamentals' course from Google's digital garage,it's free and you also earn a recognizable certificate.

Thats all for now,of course there are much that you want to know,but that is the general thing.
Hope that was helpful,stay tuned for more.
Thanks in advance 

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