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Why you should never search for quick money!

Why you should never search for quick money!

 I'll tell you smth that maybe I didn't mention before,I started out like almost everyone,by writing "how to make money fast online" on Google's search engine,and I kept trying all the methods it provided.

I tried almost every single method, and I've known that 90% of them are fake or are just impossible to make money with, or it's ALOT harder than what it seems like or what the writer told me.

Many years later and here I'm at a whole different place at my life,I dont ever search for quick money,I only searching for sustainable sources of income.

Means that I'm not searching for a deal that makes me 10k dollars at once,but I'm rather searching for 3000$/month,because this is more lasting,and I've learnt to search for what lasts more.

For that,I came here today telling you not to search for quick money,seek sustainability,and scalability,make sure that what you're doing could grow someday into a global business that tops everywhere,put your eyes on this,not on quick money.

I wish you all success in life and thanks for your time.

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