Ever wanted to download the subtitles for a certain youtube video?

I think it's really beneficial because you could make a great business out of it,if you're asking why? 
I could hear you from here.

You could either get the text in one language and translate it to another language and have content of your own that you didnt make effort to create it.

You could also need to print the subtitles for a certain video or youtube course to have a printed version of the video (I've made it before with a free MBA course to follow up and take notes and it was really helpful)

So whatever the reason that makes you need to download subtitles from youtube,Savesubs makes a great free service for this specific need.

All what you need to do is to copy the youtube video's link and paste it there,and you could download the subtitles in srt format (the format used for subtitles and you could import it to the video)
Or as a txt file (normal text)
and you could even translate it to another language then download it

If this was the thing you were searching for,then what are you waiting for? 

Go ahead now "Savesubs" and download your subtitles

Hope this was helpful,have a great day you great reader ♥️

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