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How to invest in cryptocurrency (Charts,prices,rank and everything in one website)

How to invest in cryptocurrency (Charts,prices,rank and everything in one website)
If you're really into Cryptocurrency,if you're mining,investing or simply interested in it,there is one place you should always go to.

CoinMarketCap is a platform that gives you real-time data for all cryptocurrencies.

There are some important points that you need to focus at when you analyze a coin.

1)Current Supply:This is the number of coins that are found and being transacted through people.

2) Maximum Supply:This is the maximum number of coins ever made of the coin,means that if the maximum supply is 10 Billion,there cant be 10,000,000,001 coins.

3)Volume (24h):This is the amount of coins transacted through the last 24 hours but in dollars,meaning 10 million dollars as a volume is 20 million coins (given that the coin = 50 cents )

4)Market Capital:This is the total amount of dollars ever invested in the coin.

5)Rank:Now this is so important,because investing in cryptocurrency isn't all about numbers,its not a regular asset,so the rank tells you how well the coin is performing,its like youtube ranking the videos based on the engagements it got.

6)Price:Now the price shouldn't be your only focus,because investing in the highest coin doesn't mean the best investment,the price depends on all the points I mentioned above,thats why I listed the price number six,because you dont even care what the price is before knowing all above numbers.

After analyzing all numbers above,look for other things:

*Available mining tools:All coins firstly should come from mining,and the early adopters are mostly miners than investors.

*Their website:It really matters if the coin has a website,because it gathers all information about the coin,and there are some companies that are so advanced at it.

*An internal wallet:The coin should either have an internal wallet or it should be so popular that all markets and merchants deal with it,and this is a very imporant point to take in consideration.

*Markets that exchange this coins:There are 8500 other cryptocurrencies,you should be able to exchange with all these coins as long they are found on websites that lets you buy/sell and exchange.

*A mobile application: Coins that are technologically advanced get more stakeholders,because many people dont even bother open their laptops,so having a mobile application could be crucial to the coin.

and many other things you'll know by experience,but for now,you should be able to analyze using those points,and you'll get a pretty accurate hypothesis if you know how to analyze and search enough.

That's all for today and I hope that this was helpful,thanks for your time and we wish you all the best in life.

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