So many things have changed since internet has become an essential element as water and air in our world,and just in case you didn't realize,it created unlimited number of opportunities.

Just for the sake of example,if you wanted to present a TV show 40 years ago,you'll need years of experience and maybe you'll need some kind of certifications,unlike how you could start a youtube channel now and do whatever you want with it,and it has been so clear that some youtube channels has more views than whole local channels.

Same as for the radio,and you could now start your podcast so easily.

You could now work as a freelancer from your home at ease which wasn't found some years ago.

If you think of it that way,you'll know that there are really great opportunities the internet could provide for you,and you should use them in the best ways to excel in life.

The internet has changed the whole game,and if you don't take your turn in it,then you're already left out.

Thats why I highly recommend that you start your online business even as a side hustle,so that you could have a great place on the short term hopefully.

That was it,I wish you all the best in life and thanks for your time

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