You could always see in a movie, a doctor after he says the medical condition to either the patient or his parents, he looks in his watch then say: "Sorry, I have to go"

We can't ever blame the doctor for not spending more time, for not giving us more details, we let him go because we know for sure they are busy, unlike what we might do with a friend of ours who we know is jobless and has nothing to do, we might call him anytime, or visit him anytime and waste all of his time, because we know for sure that his time has no value!

So how do you get people to value your time?

The answer is more than simple, if they see that you value your own time, they'd do so, but if you don't value your time enough, why should they do so?

Time valuation starts by

1)knowing that time isn't infinite, but the exact opposite, it's more scarce than you could ever imagine, because you don't even know how much time you still have in this world.

2)Add to this that you hopefully have much plans and dreams that you want to achieve, and you need time for your dreams to come true, so preserve this time.

3)Knowing that the second that passes away, doesn't ever come back, a second so similar "might" come, but the exact second/minute/hour that you wasted? would NEVER come back again.

4)Time cannot be bought even with diamonds, Warren Buffett said of time: "It's the only thing you can't buy. I mean, I can buy anything I want basically but I can't buy time.”

5)Time is your most expensive asset, You're most promising resource, your greatest bid on success.

The bottom line is, everything we do becomes a habit after a while, and wasting your time when it becomes a habit, it means wasting your whole life not your time, so value it the most because without the time you have, you're literally nothing.

Hope this was helpful, and I wish you a great promising future that would make you grateful for every second you've spent working and developing.

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