Richard Wilkins said: " Miracles start to happen when we give as much energy to your dreams as you do to your fears"

I could see that he summarized a whole great case in just one sentence,we give much energy and time for our fears and worries,worrying about silly things like how people perceive us and what is their opinion about us.

If we really tried to put all this energy to our dreams and goals,we could do much better than everyone,by shutting off the over-thinking machine and us just focusing on the present.

and if you know,almost all issues come from either thinking about the past or the future,but when we live the present it really becomes more simple than we ever thought.

we sometimes make it hard on ourselves,but this should change from today,we'll forget our worries and focus on today,try to live it to the fullest,and ignore the things that might get in our ways,we'll take bold actions and Run Towards Our Fears
Hope this was helpful,and thanks for your time

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