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Save your time by using Ratio Launcher (Productivity Launcher)

Save your time by using Ratio Launcher (Productivity Launcher)
One of the best launchers ever made,is a launcher made by a company in Germany called "Blocc" 

Blocc is based on a simple but great idea,and this idea is saving your time.

Now we all waste so many hours using our mobile,scrolling through social media platforms without a certain goal,and when you add up all these hours you'll find that you've wasted your whole life on your mobile doing absolutely NOTHING.

So this launcher makes its best to save your time by displaying in black and white,and viewing the apps in a way that makes you waste no time.

This launcher is called "Ratio",and this is the download link for it.

Go ahead install it,and try out for yourself.

Hope this article was helpful,and thanks for your time ♥️

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