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-What is

Medium is a publishing platform that was created by Evan Williams, the former CEO of Twitter, and officially launched in 2012. The platform offers publishers and bloggers alike to share their works or create new articles entirely.

-If you love writing and ready to make a living out of it then is definitely your next shot.

-What topics are there on

You could choose any of the many topics provides,and the main topics are:

•Arts & Entertainment





And those main categories divide into soooo many subcategories,which means you'll write about what you love or what you're good at no matter what is it.

-So how do you earn money writing on is not like any other website that makes profit from the advertisements,it has a subscription plan,and it is for 5$ per month.Every user has 5 articles to read per month and if he wants to read more,he should subscribe then,and actually they have the highest quality out there.

How much I could earn?

There is no estimated profit,I cant give you numbers,because it depends on the amount of claps you received,the more claps you receive the more money you earn thats the rule.

But so much people have made a living out of it and since you've came here and read this article,you really do have potential and you want to achieve success,So go ahead dont let anything stop you.Go Go Go

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