I was searching someday for a tool that may convert pdf files into text, because I love to read E-books everyday and I also love to to save some points and sentences from each and every book.

I thought it was not possible because most of the pdfs are scanned, so the computer may not recognize these as words and characters, but rather a photo

That was all until I met PDF2GO

Tbh I was amazed with the functionality that their website has, they have so many features as:

*To edit a PDF online
*To merge 2 PDFs
*Compress pdf
*change any document file type to another one
*Even improve the PDF files

So if you love reading e-books and pdfs, if you maybe have an online bookstore (Which is a very good idea to have by the way) or if you want to get some sentences out of books to save for yourself or share with people, then with no doubt, this should be your first destination.

PDF2GO gives an exceptionally great service, but it limits you to 5 files only I guess, but that is while you're not registered, when you create a free account I guess you could make up to 10-15 PDFs.

However, it's more than good to have this tool saved, because you'll need it one day I'm sure, so tell us in the comments what do you think, and we wish you a really good day today, and everyday.

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