All limitations are self imposed


All limitations are self imposed limiting beliefs quote webfreemap

We often say to ourselves things like:

I'm not good with that
I'm not smart as ......
I can't do this
i'm not so good with ....

These sentences we say to ourselves, are not normal ones, they're called "limiting beliefs"

A limiting belief is like a constant restriction, because when you tell yourself for example I can't learn programming it's so hard for me, and it wasn't made for someone like me, or saying I'm not that smart to learn programming.

When you say this to yourself, automatically your mind will block the idea of understanding programming, because inside your mind you have a statement that says: "You're not smart enough to understand programming" and this message and statement is trusted, you know why? Because it was written by you....

We might not even realize that we go through life and keep adding to these limiting beliefs and increasing it more and more, but this has to stop, today and NOW !

Starting from today, you first should not add any limiting beliefs to your mind, and the second thing is, you have to destroy and get rid of any limiting belief you've added before, because all these statements you've said, has nothing to do with reality.

I once read a quote that says: "All limitations are self imposed" and this couldn't be more accurate to be honest, because there are people that has less than you doing more with it.

The bottom line is, everything in life is about your perspective, life itself is based on how you choose to see it, so life gives you what you think about, turn your life into a positive one, by thinking positively, and that is all.

I hope this was helpful, and may you get rid of all limiting beliefs you have and replace them with ultimate beliefs, because you really could do anything in this life, just if you think that you could do it.

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