Years before, I used to believe just as everyone, that I could be laying in bed and think of a great idea, that I could sell for millions and be filthy rich, little did I know that there is nothing more abundant than ideas.

Ideas are everywhere, but is it really just about ideas? I don't really think so, I've seen many people with great fantastic ideas and are still poor, simply because they don't act on it.

Ideas are the simplest thing ever, we all have minds and we all could do think, but how would you execute on this idea?
How will you make a great plan?
How will you handle unsatisfied customers?
How will you create marketing campaigns with zero to little budget?

I'm not trying to discourage you from being an entrepreneur or starting your own business, I'm just trying to make you more aware of what is waiting for you.

But, it's not that dark, because once you start taking entrepreneurship and business administration lectures, and get yourself rolling in some relevant job, or a small project, your mind starts automatically adapting to the business mindset, you'll find yourself after a couple of months so ready to start.

As a matter of fact, you won't be successful from the first, you'll maybe fail multiple times, but the more you fail, the further you go
Check out this one (Fail as much as you could (Link)

So without making this long, ideas are not enough, Michael Dell said it best:" Ideas are a commodity. The execution of them is not".

Ideas are only efficient with great planing and execution, that is why if you're seriously thinking about making your own business someday, start learning today, gain some experience, get your hands dirty as they say, don't just lay in bed thinking about the great imaginary startup you could make, learn, to make it true (I'll leave some resources for you to check out)

I wish this was helpful, and I wish that someday you'll look back and say: "I've done it", and thanks for your precious time :)

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