It's all about the shortest now


As you could apparently see, everything is turning to it's shorter version now.

The demand for Instagram reels and tiktoks which I call "The newest generation of video content" is going higher and higher every day, and I bet that it will continue to get higher.

It seems like our regular video content won't be effective and efficient for this upcoming year 2021, and so many changes will take place.

I used to think about it as a curse, that we need to change all that we've learned along the years, but I found it's an opportunity to spread even more than you ever imagined, and it has really some other great advantages.

Now people have no time to watch a 12min video of yours, because they're following so many people, they have work, they have a family, and 12min during this era seems like a great long period.

Also I'd add that mostly people are superficial, not in a bad way but they basically need the least amount of information, in the shortest time period, in the most efficient way.

So I guess that if you didn't yet start doing Instagram reels, tiktoks, maybe shrink your youtube videos into 3mins instead of 12, make your articles shorter, I don't think you're gonna make it right.

That's all what I wanted to say, I just wanted to bring this into your consideration, and it's up to you, either take action or just complete to work how you always do, but I bet on your intelligence :)

Hope this was helpful, and thanks for your precious time ❤

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