This is one of the best platforms I've ever used, it has great premium content that is really original, also they organize them very well and they have what is called:
"Ease of access"

You could really navigate there easily, and you could see your own progress with videos and content, so you know how much you've finished of a specific topic.

They have an application that is similar to Duolingo, I believe almost everyone tried Duolingo before, so it's similar, and so easy.

Also it has like semi quizzes, to check your knowledge, and checking your knowledge isn't valuable for the business, but so valuable for you, because you get to know what really you understood, and what don't.

So this platform is Edapt, I like to spectate always and try all applications and learning resources, and I tell you that this one, is absolutely wonderful.

Go ahead download Edapt at

Download For Android

Download For IOS

Click here to visit desktop version

I hope this will addd to you, and I wish you a great journey with learning, and thanks for your precious time :)

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