Every single creature on earth wishes to be better, to do better, and to achieve more, but why isn't this what always happens?

Simply because most people view success as a wish, not as a decision.

People: It would be so good if I succeeded.
Me: Did you take any steps to?
People: No, but I really wish I'll succeed.

The truth is success can't be just a wish, and if it's only a wish then it will forever remain a wish, an unfulfilled one.

Success needs great sacrifices, consistency, effort, struggle, and so many other important elements, and if you aren't willing to pay the price for success, then don't wait for anything, and settle for less, don't at least raise your expectations, and be ready to live a normal, boring life.

But, if you're willing to do whatever to achieve success, then I got cheerful news for you, as long you're serious about it, you'll definitely and eventually achieve great success, and magical doors will just open for you where you never imagined.

Success is hard, but it's worthwhile, it really deserves all time, effort and perseverance, we all refuse to live a normal boring life, that it's even a threat itself, but most people who refuse to live this normal life, also refuse to put in the work needed, so please, don't be most people.

This is a friendly reminder that as long you're serious about success, you'll definitely achieve it, don't wish for success, but rather work for it.

I hope this was helpful, I wish you a great successful life, and thanks for your precious time :)

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