I have to admit that I'm an overthinker, and because I'm running multiple projects, my head is always busy, I'm always thinking about delivering this campaign on time, writing articles in Arabic and English, reading, studying for my college, watching courses, sharing the knowledge, shooting videos, getting scripts ready, and much more tasks.

So why did I bring this up? because I know you're probably also so busy, and you have many things to think about every day, did you know that an average person has 70,000 thoughts crossing his mind every single day, isn't this crazy??

Just like you, I've suffered for so much time from overthinking, but then I discovered a great way to empty my mind for a while each and every day, oddly enough, it is doing your chores.

I realized that maybe the only time I'm not thinking at is, while I'm washing the dishes, cleaning my room, preparing food, these certain tasks that don't need your mind running, and it has a really strange ability to make you not think, so you're just cleaning, just preparing, and so on.

I'm not exaggerating but this is really one of the best ways I use to empty my mind, knowing that I probably have much more than those 70,000 thoughts.

So the bottom line is try to make the tasks that doesn't require thinking at all, something that is only done using your subconscious mind, and this could empty your mind for a while giving you short breaks, and let you avoid burnout.

I hope this was helpful, and thanks for your precious time :)

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