I'll give an example of a website, but I really mean the general concept, so understand what I'm trying to say and apply it where it's applicable.

Let's talk about the great empire of Wikipedia, not only the free encyclopedia which you are familiar with, because Wikipedia also has  :


All these categories are found for free in all languages? could you even imagine? there are endless numbers of resources found for free at wikipedia, still not many people visit wikipedia or use any of these great resources.

So why doesn't everyone just use them whenever they need to learn anything?

Because simply there is no ease of access, it's so hard to navigate there and reach where you want, that's all.

This one mistake they didn't fix, made a great difference, tell me when was the last time you visited wikipedia? Yeah, that is exactly what I meant.

Also check wikipedia's site and try to navigate there and you'll see how it looks

So this is our business lesson for today, just if you fully understood the point, you'll know that if you invested your all in the product neglecting the marketing and sales sections, and if you do the exact opposite, you'll end up the same way.

You'll be valuable, but neglected.

Hope this was helpful, I wish you the best, and thanks for your precious time.

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