There is a general concept that you are already familiar with that's called "what's in it for me?", but you need to start giving much more attention to it, because this question is about value proposition, which is the foundation of business.

Before I write any article, I first think of what should the reader end up with, what will be the impact of him reading and understanding, there should be a clear message and I should be able to deliver it clearly.

Same is with businesses and stores, always ask yourself "What's in it for them?", what this product should add to their life? What pain point it addresses, what is the problem that it should solve? (Because as you know businesses are just solutions for problems)

I see people sometimes starting businesses without even giving this part the appropriate attention, while I could say that this is the most important question to ask for yourself in business, you need to think as if you're the customer/reader.

Charlie Munger once said: “Three rules for a career: Don't sell anything you wouldn't buy yours

We might as well add, don't write anything you wouldn't read yourself, don't be the person you wouldn't like to work with, as you always ask unconsciously before buying any product "What's in it for me?" always ask while you're providing anything "What's in it for them?"

If you make sure to ask yourself this question consistently, I guarantee that you'll have more customers, more reader, more of everything, because it's all about value proposition, so make sure you deliver it right.

So that was all for today, I wish you a successful life both personally and professionally, and thanks for your precious time.

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